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Samsung Appliance Repair & Warranty


Samsung appliances and devices are generally thought to be quality, reliable products. But with their complex electrical and mechanical components, Samsung products are hardly immune to malfunction. It’s a very real possibility that your Samsung device or appliance will break down, even if you’re a careful and responsible user. It’s a good idea to have a contingency plan in case your Samsung product stops working as intended.

Let’s look at some important information regarding Samsung’s warranty policy. We’ll also examine options for extended service that can help you better maintain your Samsung appliances.

What to Know About Samsung Appliances Warranty Coverage

Given Samsung’s tremendous line of products, their warranty terms vary significantly. Samsung’s home electronics, including televisions, tablets, smartphones, and computers, typically have a warranty period of one year.

Large home appliances have more complex warranties. A Samsung appliance warranty for a refrigerator, for example, lasts for one year, but Samsung will cover parts (but not labor) for the sealed refrigeration system for five years. Even better, Samsung will cover the parts for the refrigerator’s digital inverter compressor for ten years.

Here’s another example. A Samsung dishwasher has a one-year warranty. Samsung will cover all dishwasher parts for two years, however. More complex parts, such as the electronic control system and circuit board, are covered for five years.

These are not hard-and-fast rules. Certain models of Samsung refrigerators and dishwashers may have slightly different warranty terms than those described above. Fortunately, Samsung makes looking up the warranty terms for their products exceptionally easy on their website. And, of course, you can always check your specific product’s documentation or contact Samsung directly.

Samsung Appliance Extended Warranty Overview

What happens when your Samsung warranty runs out? Well, while Samsung won’t repair your device or appliance for free, they do offer the option of purchasing an extended service plan.

Samsung’s extended warranty program is called Samsung Protection Plus. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons.

One of the benefits of Samsung Protection Plus is continued access to certified Samsung appliance repair services. If your appliance or device needs to be fixed, a Samsung-trained technician will service your product and use authentic Samsung parts as needed. If the product can’t be repaired, Samsung will replace it.

Another nice thing about Samsung Protection Plus is the flexibility of the policies. You can cancel at any point, and you can even transfer the policy to a new owner if you eventually sell your appliance or device.

The not so good news? Samsung isn’t the clearest about how much Samsung Protection Plus costs. It can be hard to know exactly how much you’ll need to pay for their services in the long run. It’s also not immediately obvious how long Samsung’s protection plans last. It could be as little as one year or as long as five years—it all depends on the product in question.

Also, while Samsung will replace an appliance or device that can’t be repaired, the replacement may not be a new product. It could be rebuilt or refurbished, which perhaps increases the risk of another issue developing in the future.

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A more convenient and affordable way of protecting your Samsung appliances is to find an extended warranty with Liberty Home Guard. We can ensure the same level of protection, quality, and professionalism while also offering the option of bundling coverage with other appliances around your home.

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