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Wolf Appliance Repair & Warranty


Wolf is known for their series of high-end kitchen appliances. These include cooktops and ranges, ovens, grills, coffee systems, microwaves, and more. While Wolf provides residential limited warranties for their products, the high cost of Wolf cooking appliances leads many consumers to pursue extended warranties or protection plans.

What to Know About Wolf Appliances Warranty Coverage

New Wolf appliances are protected by a full two-year manufacturer’s warranty. This means that if the appliance suffers from defective parts or flaws in workmanship, Wolf will repair or replace the item at no cost to you. Note that this covers only residential use, so commercial applications of Wolf appliances don’t have this same level of protection. Wolf’s two-year warranty does not include consumable parts, either. Users are expected to pay for and replace things like air filters.

Following that two-year period, Wolf provides a limited five-year warranty. The company will repair or replace certain appliance components that prove to be defective. These components include gas burners, electronic control boards, electric heating elements, induction generators, and more. As always, it’s best to check your specific appliance’s documentation to know exactly what Wolf’s limited five-year warranty will and will not cover.

Wolf Extended Warranty Coverage

Wolf does not offer extended warranties on any of their appliances. They do offer extended service plans on some products, but these are usually only available at the time of the product’s purchase. If you didn’t purchase an extended service plan from Wolf, or if the company doesn’t offer a service plan for the appliance you own, obtaining coverage from a third-party provider is your best course of action.

Repairing My Wolf Appliance

If your Wolf cooking appliance ceases to function properly and is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, it’s best to contact Wolf directly to have the item serviced by a company-certified technician. If your product’s warranty has already expired, you will have to personally front the cost of repair—unless you have an extended warranty or service plan from a third party.

Liberty Home Guard provides affordable coverage for Wolf appliances. Our plans can ensure your appliance is repaired or replaced if it breaks down due to normal wear and tear. We’ll even take care of finding a technician to complete the job.

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