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LG Appliance Repair & Warranty


LG, a well-known manufacturer of smartphones, TVs, and other electronics, also produces a number of major home appliances. In this post, we’ll examine LG’s warranty policy. We’ll also explore some options for LG appliance extended warranty coverage that can protect your LG appliances long after the original warranty expires.

LG Appliances Warranty Coverage

Appliances from even the most reputable of manufacturers can suffer from defects that impair their function. LG provides limited warranty coverage to protect consumers from the occasional faulty machine.

While the exact terms of LG’s limited warranty depend on the product in question, a one-year warranty is standard for most LG appliances. Effectively all LG electronics—including laptops, smartphones, TVs, monitors, media players, and speakers—have parts and labor covered for one year from the date of purchase. This is also true of LG’s major kitchen appliances, though some products, such as select ovens and ranges, have warranties that last for two years.

Other major LG appliances have extended coverage for select parts. For example, a front-loading combination washer-dryer has full coverage for one year, but the motor has ten years of coverage. Similarly, an LG dishwasher may have five years of coverage for the control board only.

Occasionally, LG’s warranty may stipulate coverage for parts but not labor. Some refrigerator models have ten years of coverage for parts associated with the compressor, but labor is included for only the first five years.

With such variability in warranty terms, it’s important to check with LG to confirm the extent of coverage on your appliance. LG makes it quite easy to look up warranty coverage for specific models on their website.

LG Home Appliance Extended Warranty Coverage

Once LG’s manufacturer’s warranty expires, the consumer is responsible for all parts and labor costs if an appliance needs to be repaired. Of course, this can be a steep expense for a refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, or other major appliance.

Fortunately, you have some options to affordably maintain your LG appliances and shield yourself from surprise repair costs.

LG does have an extended warranty program. Consumers can pay for an extended service plan that lasts for one, two, or three years. The price of the plan is dependent on its length and the type of appliance. One-year plans for dishwashers and dryers are in the $50 range. On the more expensive end, a one-year plan for a plasma TV can cost around $125.

This kind of manufacturer-backed extended service plan can be useful for some people. A renter who doesn’t personally own major appliances may be interested in an extended service plan for an LG smartphone, for instance. But for homeowners who own multiple major appliances—which may vary in make and age—product-specific extended service plans can be unnecessarily expensive and cumbersome to manage.

How to Get a Quote for an LG Extended Warranty

You can also protect your LG appliances with a home warranty or extended warranty from Liberty Home Guard. We have a national network of trained, licensed, and insured technicians, so you can be sure you’ll have the same—or better—quality of service that you would receive from an electronics or appliance manufacturer.

We can also help you combine coverage for multiple home appliances and systems, which can save you the trouble of juggling multiple plans with different companies. Bundled coverage with one provider can save you money, too!

You should always take advantage of an active manufacturer’s warranty. But once that warranty expires, a home warranty or extended warranty is a wise investment. Reach out to our team at (866)-225-7958 to find a plan that matches your needs.

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