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Does Home Warranty Cover Water Heater?

Home Warranty Cover Water Heate
Erin EasleyPublished 03/12/2020
Home Warranty Cover Water Heate

Maybe you are in the middle of washing dishes, doing laundry, or worse, taking a shower, and the water goes ice cold. You check the knobs to make sure they are on hot, but still, nothing but cold water is coming out. You quickly figure out that there is a problem and most likely it is with the water heater.

This is not something any homeowner wants to happen. No matter what time of the year it is, the water heater is an important appliance and you want it to be on-call and ready to go any time. And when it quits working, after you’ve recovered from the shockingly cold shower, your next thought is how much does it cost to fix a water heater? Of, if you have prepared for things like this happening, your maybe thinking does home warranty cover water heater breakdowns?

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A Home Warranty Plan Can Be Your Rescue

A water heater is one of several essential components in a home and getting a prompt repair at a reasonable cost is important. With home water heater warranty coverage, your worries are lessened because you’ll only need to make one phone call to the home warranty company you purchased your coverage with.  

A company like Liberty Home Guard has a network of contractors that are ready to service homeowners and property owners efficiently and quickly. For nothing more than the basic service call, usually $50 to $75, your water heater or any kitchen or laundry appliances, electrical or plumbing systems, can be repaired or replaced. Most any home warranty, water heaters are covered, but you should verify this when purchasing one and if not, request to have it added into the policy. Most home warranty, water heaters are covered, but you should verify this when purchasing one and if not, request to have it added into the policy.

You may think initially the $300 to $500 annual cost of a home warranty plan is expensive, but when you experience a shower that goes ice cold in the middle of it, the cost to repair or replace that water is quite astounding. Unless you still have the original warranty on hot water heater, you’ll have a new appreciation of paying that home warranty coverage versus what a professional plumber will cost you, especially if it is after hours, holiday, or weekend hours.

Confirm Your Home Warranty Plan Includes The Water Heater

All home warranty companies will have various levels of packages to offer you, each one having different components included or omitted. Before you purchase one, review the features in each package and make sure the items you want covered are included, like the water heater. If anything isn’t listed as covered, request that it be added.

A home warranty company will have the components of your home inspected prior to offering you a warranty package.  Some items may be too old to be covered for reasons like the parts are no longer available or an item is at its life expectancy.

If you desire coverage for these things, you’ll be required to pay for having them brought up to like-new condition or replaced. If a replacement is the only option, and you purchase new, it will most likely come with its own warranty from the manufacturer and the home warranty won’t be needed.

How To Get A Longer Life From Your Water Heater

A water heater really doesn’t need much attention by the homeowner, but there are things you can do that will give extend the lifespan, such as lowering the thermostat and draining the water by ¼ two to three times a year to remove debris and sediment. Insulate older units with water heater covers and put your water heater on a vacation setting if you’ll be gone for a week or more. Give us a call at Liberty Home Guard for more suggestions as well as a quote for a home warranty plan that fits your budget and needs.

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