Benefits of Home Protection Plans for Homeowners

Erin Easley

Written By Erin Easley

Published 05/11/20
Home Protection Plans for Homeowners

The reality of homeownership is that systems and appliances need routine maintenance and attention. Plumbing, wiring, household equipment, and more can break down due to age, use, and exposure to the elements. Many of these home components are expensive, require specialized knowledge for repair, or are difficult to access when in need of servicing. Homeowners can protect themselves from surprise expenses with home protection plan coverage.

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What is a Home Protection Plan?

A home protection plan is an agreement between a homeowner and service provider that guarantees home repair coverage. It is like both an insurance policy and home warranty, but there are differences.

Homeowner’s insurance covers a home in the event of a fire, flood, or other disaster. It typically covers the entire structure of a home, but not individual appliances or systems.

A home warranty or home protection warranty usually provides bundled coverage for appliances and systems within a home. You might find a cheap home warranty to cover a suite of kitchen appliances, or a more expensive warranty with all-in-one coverage of a home’s plumbing, electric, and HVAC systems. While agreements vary, home warranties usually cover repair, but not routine maintenance.

Home protection plans, however, are often more specialized and provide coverage for a specific system or piece of equipment, such as water softener or air conditioner. They can also cover routine maintenance to keep an appliance or system in working order and extend its life.

How Does a Home Protection Plan Work?

As with homeowner’s insurance and home warranties, a homeowner pays a premium to keep a protection plan active. Should an appliance or system require servicing, the plan provider will send a technician to the home. After diagnosing the problem, the technician will service or repair the appliance or system. If a replacement is required, the protection plan will shield the homeowner from the upfront cost.

What Does a Home Protection Plan Cover?

There is a great variety of plans available to homeowners. The best home protection plans for homeowners are the ones that suit their specific needs. It’s important for buyers to do their research and discuss plans with service providers to find the plan that will work for them. Some common items covered by protection plans include:

  •          Refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and other kitchen appliances
  •          AC units, furnaces, boilers, and other HVAC components
  •          Alarm systems and other low-voltage wiring
  •          Generators and high-voltage wiring
  •          Mechanical devices, such as garage doors and automated blinds

What are the Benefits of a Home Protection Plan?

  •          Maximum coverage. If there is an appliance or system that is not covered by a homeowner’s existing insurance policy or warranty, a home protection plan can fill that gap in coverage.
  •          Less financial risk. The cost of replacing an AC unit or water boiler can set a homeowner back thousands of dollars. A protection plan protects the homeowner from that cost.
  •          Convenience. Because a plan provider has existing relationships with service technicians and will dispatch technicians to a residence, the homeowner is spared the trouble of searching for a contractor or repairperson.
  •          Incentive for buyers. As some plans can be transferred to new homeowners, a protection plan can attract buyers if you sell your home.

How Liberty Home Guard Can Help

Liberty Home Guard has an array of affordable home warranty and protection plans. We can help you find the plan that works for you and your budget. Request a free quote through our website, or contact us to learn more. You can reach us at (866) 699-4589 or [email protected].

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