How a New Construction Home Warranty Protects You

Erin Easley

Written By Erin Easley

Published 03/11/20
New Construction Home Warranty

Walking into a newly-built house for the first time is an unforgettable experience for any homeowner. Homebuyers lucky enough to purchase a new construction are often understandably excited.

From the premium finishes to that new paint smell, a newly built home is fresh and truly yours. 

But remember—just because the house is new, doesn’t mean it will always stay like that. In addition to an initial inspection by the construction company, a warranty on newly-built houses is a necessary component of homeownership.

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What Is a Home Warranty For a New Construction?

A home warranty is not the same as a manufacturer’s warranty for specific products or your home insurance policy. It’s a contract with a service provider lasting between a few years and several decades that covers parts of a new home, such as heating, plumbing, electrical systems, appliances, and roofing.

Should an issue arise regarding the new construction, the provider will dispatch a contractor to fix it quickly. As a homeowner, you’ll only have to pay a regular fee for the service rather than a large upfront cost for the repairs.

Warranties can come directly from the builder or an independent company. General home warranties are popular with current homeowners, but new construction home warranties typically add coverage for foundation and overall structure.

Why Is It Necessary?

Despite initial inspections, homeowners must prepare themselves for potential construction problems, particularly if they intend to live for several decades in the house. Not all underlying issues are detectable by inspections, and home appliances usually don’t last as long as the home itself.

To avoid paying large sums for unexpected repairs and replacements, invest in a specialized home warranty to spread the cost into easy regular payments. Plus, your family will appreciate the peace of mind that a technician will always be ready to fix broken appliances.

Is This Really Necessary for New Constructions?

Even new homes aren’t immune to problems. Building companies never intend to rush construction, as materials need time to settle (such as concrete curing). However, some builders end up taking shortcuts anyway due to time constraints.

Another factor is inexperienced subcontractors, who might omit certain steps like covering up HVAC vents during construction, so debris and dirt don’t enter.

That’s why you need a home warranty plan designed to keep yourself protected. Remember, problems are still possible in the early stages of a home’s life.

Consulting with Your Builder

Builder’s warranties usually come with unique terms and exceptions. Pools, for instance, typically require external coverage. Review your agreement and sort out the obligations and coverage terms.

If your builder hasn’t mentioned a home warranty on the new construction, make sure to ask about it.

You should plan to top up your coverage with an additional home warranty for any parts, labor, and replacements in your home that the builder does not cover. These policies are useful for protecting your appliances and essential home systems.

What To Do During a Claim

Always keep maintenance records of your correspondence with the builder and warranty companies in case you need to make a claim. In particular, save the documentation from the initial inspection after construction completes.

Don’t forget to be persistent when making a claim. While it may take a while, doing so is worth the effort.

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