What Are Some Home Warranty Benefits for Seniors?

Erin Easley

Written By Erin Easley

Published 03/27/20
What Are Some Home Warranty Benefits for Seniors

Senior citizens often search for a place they can settle down in. They usually want to relax and live in peace during retirement and enjoy the luxuries of life on a relaxing Sunday morning.

As a result, they are making a significant investment in their current homes. One way to secure that investment is through a home warranty, which can be purchased at any time during homeownership.

After all, having to deal with a broken air conditioning unit in the heat of the summer can be frustrating and unhealthful for many seniors.

Why should one consider home warranties for seniors? What are the benefits for older homes, and is it worth the cost?

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Is a Home Warranty Necessary?

A home warranty, in general, helps to cover wear and tear damage, as well as malfunctions and breakdowns, on your home appliances and systems. If your washing machine or HVAC system fails, the warranty provider will dispatch a contractor and have the issue fixed, all for a modest, regular fee.

Notice how this process differs from homeowner’s insurance, which covers potential disasters like floods or fires. It’s also distinguished from a manufacturer’s warranty in that it covers multiple systems and devices for long periods of time rather than a single item for a short time.

What Are Some Home Warranty Benefits For the Aged?

Home warranties appeal greatly to senior citizens who might not be able to handle damaged home systems by themselves. They will not have to find a suitable contractor nor perform any handiwork themselves, not to mention the significantly lower costs when issues do occur.

What Is the Home Warranties’ Cost?

Different vendors offer different payment models, though you can expect most of them to use regular monthly fees. This cost depends on several factors, including:

  • Location
  • Type of coverage
  • Extra benefits
  • Size of the home

In addition, expect a copayment for any service calls. Even with these prices, the savings you get with a home warranty greatly outweigh the massive costs of replacing a broken-down appliance by yourself.

Providers often allow you to choose the coverage you want so that you’re only paying for what you need. The result is a cheap home warranty plan that helps any senior citizen live with peace of mind.

How Do I Find the Best Home Warranties For Seniors?

Like with any purchase, doing your research beforehand is an excellent step towards getting the home warranty you want. Check for company reviews and customer complaints, as well as how the business addresses concerns.

Don’t forget to read the fine print on the contracts you sign. Specifically, look for limits and exclusions, as well as any extra fees if applicable. Compare prices and options between warranty plans to get a good idea of what works best for you.

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