What Is a Home Warranty for Veterans?

Erin Easley

Written By Clint Bird

Published 11/04/21
Home Warranty for Veterans

Looking for ways to save money on home repairs? A home warranty is one of the best ways to get coverage for those costly, unexpected home repairs and USAA even offers a home warranty discount if you are a member. 

A home warranty is a service contract that covers the cost of repairs and replacement of home systems and appliances when they break down over time from normal wear and tear. It can save you money and time, especially when it comes to repairing those big-ticket items, like replacing a furnace, which could cost around $3000 out of pocket.

A home warranty saves you time because your provider arranges for a technician to come to your home to complete the necessary repairs. This means you don’t have the stress of trying to find the right person for the job. Whether your home is new or old, a home warranty can provide needed protection. Your appliances are bound to need repair. A home warranty is especially helpful if you have weathered appliances that will break down sooner rather than later. 

The Best Home Warranty Service

There’s a reason Liberty Home Guard was rated the #1 Home Warranty Service by U.S. News and World Report for 2021, 2022, and 2023. Check out our services.

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Homeowners Insurance for Veterans

You may be searching for the best homeowners insurance for veterans and come across information on home warranties. A home warranty is different from homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance provides coverage for your home if natural disaster or theft hits. It’s often required to take out a mortgage.

A home warranty provides coverage for your home systems and appliances when they break down from normal wear and tear. Veteran homeowners find peace of mind having both homeowners insurance and a home warranty. All appliances break down eventually. Budgeting with a home warranty allows you to be prepared so you don’t have to pay out of pocket for costly repairs.

Home Warranty Coverage

So, you may still be wondering what exactly a home warranty covers. It varies by provider. A Liberty Home Guard provides coverage for these home systems:





Water heater

Liberty Home Guard provides coverage for these appliances:

Washer and dryer


Oven and cooktops


Built-in microwaves

Garbage disposals

Ceiling and exhaust fans

Garage door openers

Here’s a list of extensive add-ons that can be applied to any plan:

Pool and spa

Gutter cleaning

Lawn sprinkler system

Pest control

Septic system

Sump pump

Carpet cleaning

Wine cooler

Reverse osmosis water filter

Well pump

Lighting Fixtures.

This list is not exhaustive. Learn more about our add-ons here.

Home Warranty Costs

Home warranty costs vary depending on the provider and plan you choose. In general, a plan’s monthly premium can range anywhere from $20 -200, depending on what you get covered and how much service fee you will be charged for each repair. All home warranty providers require a flat rate service fee for each repair. 

Don’t be fooled by cheap prices. An overly cheap rate most often means you aren’t getting good coverage. Usually the higher in cost, the greater in coverage. This doesn’t mean, though, you won’t be able to find an affordable home warranty that suits your home’s needs. Most home warranty providers offer a choice between 3 plans -- a home appliance warranty, a home systems warranty, and a combination of the 2 plans. Liberty Home Guard’s plans start as little as $1/day. We also offer add-ons to each plan. For example, if you need to get coverage for a pool or a septic tank, we can cover it. 

Liberty Home Guard also offers special discounts and flexible payment plans. Claim your exclusive home warranty coupons today. 

Should You Get a Home Warranty

When deciding whether to invest in a home warranty, it’s most important to think about what, in the end, you’ll be saving. Your home appliances in total cost over $20,000, so a monthly premium for a home warranty often allows you to save in the long run. Repairs can be costly and time consuming. Most importantly, when choosing whether to invest in a home warranty, you need to determine what in your home needs coverage.

A home warranty for seniors can be especially helpful because they allow you to save money, and the home warranty provider will do all the work. The older we get, the more we want to enjoy our home and retirement without the hassle of locating the right technician to fix a broken air conditioner. A home warranty can offer peace of mind.

Why You Should Choose Liberty Home Guard

The U.S. News & World Report has ranked Liberty Home Guard the #1 Home Warranty Company in America. Our home warranty plans come with a 30-day cancellation policy. We are the most customer-centric provider in the industry with a customer support team available 24/7. We also have one of the easiest-to-use services. 

Here are some other reasons why we’re #1:

Only works with licensed technicians

All repairs comes with a 60-day workmanship warranty

Flexible payment options

Most add-ons in the industry

Filing claims is quick and easy

Contact our customer support team toll free at (866)-225-7958 for more information and a free quote. We support our veterans and want to provide you with the best in home protection.


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