How Much Can I Save With a Home Warranty Plan?

Erin Easley

Written By Erin Easley

Published 03/22/20
Save With a Home Warranty Plan

Think about what would occur if an electrical system malfunctions for a few days. And try not to imagine the consequences of a backed-up plumbing system.

Responsible homeowners often turn to home warranty contracts to save on the family budget and protect themselves from unexpected damages and breakdowns. But how much do you save exactly every year by switching to a home warranty plan?

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Do Appliances Break Often?

It may seem like a high-end dishwasher would last for decades, but the truth is that even the most expensive models eventually face damages over regular use. Regular maintenance helps, but it’s still wise to ensure peace of mind with a cheap home warranty.

Surveys indicate that HVAC is the most common failure point for many homeowners, followed by water heaters. In terms of appliances, products such as boilers, freezers, gas ovens, kitchen ranges, and refrigerators can last 10 to 20 years. However, others like microwaves, washing machines, and humidifiers often last less than a decade.

If you purchased a pre-owned home that came with appliances already, you probably don’t know how long an appliance was in use. It’s best to have a home warranty in these cases.

Analyzing the Cost of Home Repairs

Home system breakdowns are not only pricey to repair but also a headache to deal with. Finding a trustworthy contractor on such short notice when a breakdown occurs takes precious time out of your schedule.

Instead, analyze the appliances in your home and determine how likely you will need repairs. Chances are, a home warranty will save you hundreds if not thousands every year.

  • List your home appliances and systems on a spreadsheet. Include things like dishwashers, heaters, HVAC units, electrical systems, and others.
  • Find the date of manufacture, either through invoices or labels. Search for the life expectancy of your appliances on the Internet.
  • Determine the current age and average years of life remaining for each entry. If this figure is below 5, you should expect repairs or replacements soon.
  • Estimate the price of repairs on certain systems. Searching online is the best way to do so, as estimates can vary based on model, manufacturer, and other factors.

You’ll find that the annual savings from home warranty plans easily justify the modest monthly fee for the services.

Are Home Warranty Plans Worth It?

Once you’ve determined the home warranty home repair costs, your next question is whether a warranty is worth it.

To the majority of homeowners, the answer is a definite “yes.” Home warranties offer a variety of benefits you won’t find anywhere else:

  • They provide coverage for your home systems and appliances so that you won’t be left with a broken unit for too long.
  • The regular fees add up to far less than the huge cost of paying for a replacement/repair out of pocket.
  • The warranty provider will contact a prescreened contractor so that you know you’re getting reliable service.
  • Offering a home warranty adds value to your home if you ever put it on the market.

Other methods of coverage aren’t as comprehensive. For instance, homeowner’s insurance mainly covers significant disasters like tornadoes and fires rather than wear and tear. Manufacturer warranties only cover specific appliances and generally last for less than a year.

Don’t forget to continue maintaining your appliances and systems regardless. If you don’t patch up leaky pipes or repaint faded walls, there’s a chance your claim will get denied.

Choosing the Right Home Warranty Plan

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