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Mitsubishi Electric Appliance Repair & Warranty


Mitsubishi Electric is a manufacturer of home electronic appliances and a central company of the greater Mitsubishi Group. The company’s product line includes refrigerators and freezers, air purifiers, electric and ventilation fans, vacuum cleaners, water pumps, dehumidifiers, and more.

Mitsubishi Electric provides limited warranties on their products. Once the warranty period lapses, users are in a position to front repair costs themselves. A Mitsubishi Electric extended warranty is way to mitigate those potential costs, however.

What to Know About Mitsubishi Electric Appliances Warranty Coverage

The limited warranties that Mitsubishi Electric offers to buyers vary from product to product. Cheaper or smaller appliances may have a warranty period of just a couple of months. Larger appliances, such as refrigerators, could have limited warranties that last for a couple of years. The company may provide a longer warranty period for specific appliance components, as well.

It’s important to note that it’s unlikely that your Mitsubishi Electric limited warranty will cover any appliance issues that do not stem from defective parts or poor workmanship. It’s also unlikely for the manufacturer’s warranty to cover appliance maintenance.

Because of the significant variety in warranty terms across products, you should check your product’s documentation or contact Mitsubishi Electric directly to better understand your precise level of coverage.

Repairing My Mitsubishi Electric Appliance

If your manufacturer’s warranty is active, you can repair your Mitsubishi Electric appliances by submitting a claim with the company. If your warranty has lapsed and you have no extended coverage, you’ll need to find a technician and pay out-of-pocket to repair your machine.

You can avoid the inconvenience and expense of personally taking care of your appliance’s repair by purchasing extended warranty coverage. Mitsubishi Electric provides extended service plans (which are underwritten by another company),but there are limitations to how long the service plans can remain active. Also, some service plans may not be applicable to certain Mitsubishi Electric appliances.

You can find more comprehensive coverage with fewer limitations with Liberty Home Guard. Our extended appliance warranty plans cover Mitsubishi Electric appliances, and you can often bundle this coverage with other appliances and systems in your home, even if they are not manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric.

If you’re interested in extended coverage for your home appliances and electronics, use our website to request a free quote. You can also speak with our team at (866)-809-0507.

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