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Honda Appliance Repair & Warranty


Most Americans know Honda as a major car manufacturer, but the Tokyo-based company also produces various kinds of power equipment. These include lawnmowers, tillers, snow blowers, water pumps, and generators.

Honda’s manufacturer’s warranties vary from product to product. The warranty for a Honda riding mower is two years, for example, while the warranty period for a Honda snow blower can be as long as three years. Specific equipment components may have even longer-lasting coverage. Honda provides lifetime warranties for the tines on their tillers and mower decks in their HRX walk-behind lawnmowers.

Bear in mind that this warranty information applies to private residential use. Honda’s warranty periods may be shorter—sometimes significantly so—when the equipment is used for commercial purposes.

As always, check your Honda equipment’s product documentation for more specific information on the extent of your product’s manufacturer’s warranty.

Repairing My Honda Power Equipment

If your Honda product develops an issue related to a factory defect or fault in workmanship, you can file a claim with Honda to have the product repaired or replaced. If your manufacturer’s warranty has expired, however, you will have to pay to repair your Honda equipment out-of-pocket—that is, unless you have an extended warranty.

An extended warranty from Liberty Home Guard can provide you with many more years of protection for your Honda equipment. If your Honda lawnmower, snow blower, or other product fails after months or years of general wear and tear, one of our warranty plans can ensure the item’s repair or replacement. Liberty Home Guard’s warranties can also help you maintain your Honda equipment, so you can make the possibility of a breakdown or malfunction much less likely.

How to Get a Quote for a Honda Extended Warranty

Liberty Home Guard can help you find an extended warranty for a specific Honda product. We can also help you find more comprehensive plans that bundle coverage for various appliances and systems around your home. These can include everything from refrigerators and washing machines to plumbing and septic systems.

The easiest way to get a quote for an extended Honda warranty or broader home warranty is to use our website. You can also reach out to our team at (866)-225-7958 to discuss coverage options for your home’s needs in greater depth. Enduring protection for your home equipment is more convenient and affordable than you think.

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