Home Spa Warranty Coverage

Home Spa Warranty Coverage

Do you enjoy being the envy of your neighbors with a home spa and pool? A swimming pool is an excellent way to exercise on a summer day and promote cardiovascular health when it’s too hot outside to run.

A spa lets you feel refreshed afterwards, preventing sore muscles and generally making you feel relaxed. It’s also a great way to entertain guests at a house party.

For these reasons, you don’t want to suffer from a malfunction with your pool or spa without a solid plan for obtaining immediate and inexpensive repairs. That’s why you need a home warranty with spa coverage.

Why Choose Home Warranty Plans?

Home warranties have a variety of advantages over other protection policies. Insurance, for instance, mainly covers natural disasters like fires or tornadoes rather than regular wear and tear damage.

Home warranties also provide coverage for several different home systems and appliances. A manufacturer’s warranty, in contrast, focuses on a single appliance and generally lasts a short period of time after the initial purchase.

With a home warranty, you can protect your spa or jacuzzi with a regular monthly fee. When you find an issue with your pool, the spa home warranty vendor will dispatch a pre-approved contractor and help pay for the repairs.

What Does a Jacuzzi Home Warranty Typically Cover?

There are many components to a hot tub that can fail, including:

  • Filtration systems
  • Above-ground pumping
  • Motors
  • Timers
  • Pool sweeps
  • Electrical wiring
  • Heaters
  • Actuators
  • Jets

Most homeowners clearly should not attempt to fix these parts by themselves. A warranty vendor will choose a contractor for you and ensure that your pool is back up and running as quickly as possible.

Discuss with your provider the exact details of the coverage. Some plans don’t include aesthetic accessories such as colored lights.

What Are My Options?

Choosing a home warranty company comes down to experience, reviews, reputation, and budget. Look for companies that serve your area well by searching for customer reviews.

Most providers offer customizable coverage. You can choose to protect your appliances only, your home systems like HVAC and electrical, or any combination of both. This way, you save money by only paying for the protection that you need.

Remember that a home warranty should be complemented with regular maintenance. Apply pool shocks and cleaners every so often and replace your filters regularly. Doing so minimizes the chance of malfunctions with your jacuzzi, spa, or pool.

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Consider picking up similar coverage for other appliances and home systems, too, such as refrigerators, washing machines, or even electrical systems.

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