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La Cornue Repair & Warranty

La Cornue

La Cornue is a French manufacturer of high-end and luxury cooking appliances, particularly ranges. La Cornue has a great reputation for reliability and quality, but even the best kitchen appliances can malfunction. In this post, we’ll share some recommendations to help you repair your La Cornue appliances.

La Cornue Warranty Coverage

La Cornue provides more extensive warranty coverage compared to other major kitchen appliance manufacturers. While one- or two-year warranties are standard for major appliances, La Cornue provides three years of coverage for many of their ranges. Some ranges, such as those in the CornuFé series, have five years of coverage, parts and labor included.

As is standard, La Cornue’s warranty covers problems that arise from defective materials or poor workmanship. Any damage sustained from misuse is not covered.

How to Repair Your La Cornue Appliance

If you have an issue with your La Cornue range, first determine if the item is under warranty. You can check your product’s official documentation. La Cornue ranges come with a warranty card that features the model and serial number. You can use this information to submit a claim in the Parts & Services section of La Cornue’s website.

If your appliance is no longer under warranty, you’ll likely have to pay for replacement parts and labor costs out of pocket. These costs can be expensive for high-end ranges. Fortunately, you can avoid these costs with an extended warranty.

La Cornue Extended Warranty Coverage

La Cornue does not offer their own extended warranty coverage on their products. Customers interested in coverage that extends beyond La Cornue’s limited warranty can pursue an extended plan from Liberty Home Guard.

A primary advantage of an extended protection plan is long-term savings. The annual cost of extended coverage, even combined over several years, can be significantly less than the cost to repair a luxury appliance.

Your savings can be compounded with a plan that covers multiple items. In addition to your La Cornue range, you can protect your refrigerator, dishwasher, home electronics, and virtually any other appliance or system in your home, regardless of the manufacturer.

Our team can talk you through available options and help you craft a personalized plan. You can reach us at (866)-748-2399, or you can request a free quote through our website.

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