Ejector Pump Warranty Coverage

Ejector Pump Warranty Coverage

Home plumbing protection is a standard component of Liberty Home Guard’s System Guard plan and Total Home Guard plan. Our policy can cover leaks, toilets, showers and tubs, stoppages, clogs, and more.

For homeowners who require more specific support, Liberty Home Guard offers a variety of additional coverage options. These options include ejector pump coverage and septic system home warranty coverage. Our policies can ensure surprise plumbing or septic problems are remedied swiftly and affordably.

What Is a Septic Sewage Ejector Pump?

An ejector pump is a common piece of equipment in homes with basement bathrooms or washing machines. Most home plumbing uses gravity to channel sewage and wastewater into the main sewer or septic line and out of the house. This isn’t always a possibility in basements, however, where toilets or washing machines may be positioned below the level of the sewer or septic lines. An ejector pump resolves this problem by pumping sewage and wastewater upwards against gravity.

Ejector Pump Maintenance

Home ejector pumps need to be maintained just as any other home appliance. A plumber or warranty policy can help you ensure that the float, pump, and motor are in good condition and free of debris that would impair the pump’s function.

Of course, the best maintenance is preventative. Nothing aside from water, sewage, and toilet paper should ever go down your home’s toilet. Any other materials can lead to clogs and stoppages, which may impede your ejector pump or force the motor to work harder.

Septic Sewage Ejector Pump Coverage

A home warranty through Liberty Home Guard can help you keep your overall plumbing system in excellent condition. We maintain a network of qualified plumbers, so professional assistance is as easy as filing a claim on our website. Comprehensive coverage provides substantial savings on maintenance and repair, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that any problems with your home equipment can be quickly resolved.

Our ejector pump protection covers the device’s pump, float, and motor. Our septic system coverage provides one pumping per year. It also covers any main line clogs or stoppages.

You can get a free quote for coverage by linking the link on our website. You can also talk through our options and find the best plan for you and your home by calling our team at (866)-613-5329.

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