Lighting Fixtures Warranty Coverage

Lighting Fixtures Warranty Coverage

Electrical systems warranty coverage is a standard component of Liberty Home Guard’s System Guard plan and Total Home Guard plan. These plans cover all mechanical components associated with your home’s electrical system, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll never be left in the dark in your own home.

We can take your home warranty with electrical system coverage even further. With Liberty Home Guard, you can also get easy, affordable access to lighting fixtures repair.

How Your Home Warranty Coverage Works

Protection for lighting fixtures is an optional addition to a Liberty Home Guard home warranty policy. It expands your warranty coverage to include in-home electrical equipment such as electrical switches and fluorescent fixtures.

With active coverage, you can submit a claim on the Liberty Home Guard website if and when you encounter a problem with an electrical switch or fixture. We’ll tap our national network of licensed professionals to dispatch a technician to your home. You’ll have your lights back on in no time.

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Advantages of Warranty Coverage for Lighting Fixtures

A faulty switch or fixture has the potential to harm your home’s greater electrical system. This means that broadening your home warranty policy to include coverage for lighting fixtures can provide more thorough protection for your entire home.

There are also other benefits to consider. These include:

  • Cost savings. Some switch or fixture problems can amount to a few hundred dollars in parts and labor. This exceeds the cost of a claim to repair a fixture covered by your policy. Your savings can be especially significant when your policy covers other home appliances and systems that require maintenance or repair service.
  • Convenience. With a warranty, repair is as simple as filling out a form on our website. We’ll take care of the rest. Your obligations are fulfilled within minutes.
  • Peace of mind. When you have comprehensive coverage, you don’t have to worry about how you will pay for unexpected equipment malfunctions. You have constant assurance that your possessions can be repaired quickly and affordably.

How to Get a Quote for Lighting Fixtures Coverage

Getting a quote is as easy as clicking the link on our website. You can also reach our team by calling (866)-225-7958. Whether you’re looking to expand your existing coverage or get a comprehensive policy for a new home, we can talk you through the process and find the right plan for you.

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