Well Pump Warranty Coverage

Well Pump Warranty Coverage

Some home appliances and systems are more important than others. A broken dishwasher is irritating and inconvenient, but you’ll be able to get by without it. A failing well pump, however, can mean your home is entirely without water—something most people would not be able to deal with for more than a couple of days.

This is why home well pump warranty coverage is popular with customers of Liberty Home Guard. Our affordable well pump coverage can help you maintain and repair your home’s pump so you’ll never be left high and dry.

Symptoms of a Bad Well Pump

A good well pump can function efficiently for about 15 years on average. In the right conditions, it could work well for 20 years or more. But unfavorable environmental conditions and other variables can cause a premature well pump malfunction.

A faulty or failing well pump can present in several ways. Here are some possible symptoms of a bad pump.

  • No water. If there’s an issue with your home’s well or well pump, the worst outcome is no water whatsoever. Your sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, dishwasher, washing machine and more can be rendered useless.
  • Intermittent or sputtering water. Water that sputters from the faucet suggests a problem with your well pump. It usually means there is air in the plumbing system, which can come from a malfunctioning pump or damaged pipe.
  • Murky water. Well pumps are designed to filter out sediment from the water it draws out of the ground. If the filter isn’t operating correctly, or if the pump is drawing water from a location with high sediment content, your water will appear murky, cloudy, or dirty.
  • Unusually high utility costs. Faulty pump switches or poor well placement can create a situation in which your pump is constantly running. This puts tremendous strain on the pump and can lead to premature failure, but before that happens, you’ll notice high bills as your pump continually draws power.

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Why Buy a Home Warranty With Well Pump Coverage?

Some of the problems that can afflict a well pump can be repaired quickly and inexpensively. The fix could be as simple as resetting a circuit or replacing a $25 switch. Other times, the entire pump may need to be replaced. This can cost thousands of dollars.

Home warranties for well pump protection can help you avoid paying these potential costs out of pocket. For a fixed monthly premium, you can service your well pump and repair or replace any pump components that fail from normal wear and tear.

Important to note is that warranty coverage is not the same as an insurance policy. Homeowner’s insurance will typically cover a well pump if it’s damaged or destroyed in a fire, storm, or other such event. Liberty Home Guard will provide coverage in situations that homeowner’s insurance companies will not.

Why You Should Choose Liberty Home Guard

Liberty Home Guard works every day to provide unparalleled service. Our plans are affordable and customizable, so you can create a bespoke policy that suits your home, lifestyle, and budget.

Liberty Home Guard offers coverage for virtually everything in your home, from your well pump and sump pump to your major kitchen appliances and electronics. We also cover major homes systems, such as plumbing, HVAC, and electrical, and we provide home services, including septic tank pumping, floor and carpet cleaning, and pest control.

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