Wine Cooler/Fridge Warranty Coverage

Wine Cooler/Fridge Warranty Coverage

For wine enthusiasts, a quality wine cooler or wine fridge is essential. That’s why Liberty Home Guard offers wine fridge coverage as a policy addition for our customers who have a wine cooler or fridge in their home.

Benefits of a Wine Cooler or Fridge

A wine fridge is not just a small version of your standard kitchen refrigerator. A regular fridge is designed to limit the amount of humidity within the unit, and while a fridge stays cold, the temperature can fluctuate a bit. A wine fridge, on the other hand, is meant to have a higher temperature and humidity level that both stay as consistent as possible. Some models have dual temperature zones for different kinds of wine.

These climate controls don’t only keep wine at its optimal temperature for consumption. They are also critical to maintaining moisture within a bottle’s cork and storing quality wines for long stretches of time. This is why wine fridges are superior to regular refrigerators for wine storage, and in some cases even better than traditional wine cellars.

There are other benefits of wine fridges:

  • Portability. Because they tend to be smaller and self-contained, wine fridges can be moved easily and can be placed in different locations within a home.
  • Versatility. Wine fridges provide a great deal of temperature and humidity control, so you can program your fridge to the optimal setting for your wine collection.
  • Low expense. Free-standing wine fridges can be had for a few hundred dollars. Built-in or especially high quality models are usually in excess of $1,000. While not exactly cheap, a wine fridge is significantly less expensive than a regular fridge from a comparable brand—and certainly cheaper than a wine cellar.

Wine Cooler Warranties

Wine coolers and fridges are dependable machines, but swift repair is important if something goes wrong. In the many days it could take to arrange for servicing or a shipment of a replacement, your wine collection could be harmed by the significant change in temperature.

Liberty Home Guard’s wine cooler coverage can provide swift, affordable, convenient repair of all mechanical components and parts that are critical to your wine fridge’s function. If you’re interested in protecting your wine cooler or fridge—and protecting your wine collection by extension—reach out to us by calling (866)-613-5329. You can also request a free quote through our website.

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