Saltwater Pool Warranty Coverage

Saltwater Pool Warranty Coverage

Saltwater pools have been around for decades, but they have become more and more common in American backyards in recent years. There’s good reason. Saltwater pools have a number of advantages over their traditional chlorine counterparts.

If you have a saltwater pool or are thinking of investing in one, consider pool home warranty coverage to help you maintain and repair your pool’s components and equipment. Liberty Home Guard’s swimming pool warranties can provide convenience, peace of mind, and remarkable savings.

Advantages of a Saltwater Pool

Unlike traditional pools, saltwater pools use salt chlorine generators to create chlorine and make the pool water suitable for swimming. This makes saltwater pools superior to traditionally chlorinated pools in several ways.

  • Gentler water. Saltwater pools use less chlorine while still creating a safe swimming environment. This means the pool water is much gentler on your eyes, skin, and hair.
  • Weaker chlorine odor. Lower amounts of chlorine also mean that you’re spared that powerful chemical smell.
  • Lower costs. A saltwater pool’s equipment may be a bit more costly up front, but the annual costs are lower than they are for chlorine pools.
  • Safer. Saltwater pools don’t require you to handle large quantities of chlorine, which can cause severe irritation if it sloshes on your skin. This also means you can avoid bleaching your clothes with chlorine.
  • Silkier water. The salt in a saltwater pool isn’t significant enough to make the water feel like the ocean—you probably won’t be able to even taste the salt—but there’s enough of it in there to give the water a silky, gentle feel.  

How to Get a Home Warranty for Saltwater Pool Equipment

Saltwater pools may be slightly lower maintenance than chlorine pools, but they do require upkeep just the same, of course. Also, salt chlorine generators and other saltwater pool equipment are still susceptible to malfunction and wear and tear.

A home warranty plan for saltwater pools are an excellent way to manage maintenance costs and prepare yourself for the time when a piece of equipment requires professional repair.

Liberty Home Guard provides saltwater pool coverage as an additional option for our suite of home warranty plans. Our policy will cover your saltwater pool cell, pump, filtration system, and chlorinator.

A free quote is as simple as clicking the link on our website. You can also call our team at (866)-613-5329.

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