Sump Pump Home Warranty Coverage

Sump Pump Home Warranty Coverage

Having access to a basement as a homeowner means extra space to store belongings, a convenient entertainment center location, or even a brand new bedroom for a family member. It also means that you may need to invest in a home warranty with a sump pump warranty.

A sump pump is a drainage device at the bottom of your basement that helps remove moisture and prevent flooding. Moisture is one of the most common causes of basement damage in the form of mold, cracks in the walls, or other foundation problems.

A sump pump warranty is highly advised, as repairs to this essential component of your home requires the expertise of a professional.

How Do Homeowner Warranty Plans Work?

Accidents happen, appliances wear down, and your sump pump may quit. These are challenges that every homeowner understands.

Home warranties can cover your home, from appliances like fridges and washing machines to entire systems like HVAC and electrical wiring. In this agreement, you and the vendor company agree to a modest monthly fee.

In exchange, should any issue happen with any part of your home, the company will send a pre-approved contractor to provide professional repairs or replacements. This way, you save money in the long run by avoiding large, sudden repair costs. Plus, your appliances regain functionality more quickly when you don’t have to search for a suitable contractor.

What If I Already Have Home or Manufacturer’s Warranty/Insurance?

Home insurance differs from warranty coverage, as it mainly focuses on accidental damages resulting from fires, natural disasters, or theft. Home warranties provide repairs for wear and tear damage.

A manufacturer’s warranty is also different. These agreements come from appliance manufacturers, apply to only one product, and typically last a limited time (usually a single year). These warranties only cover manufacturer’s defects and will not cover natural wear and tear and other problems.

Will I Be Needing Septic Pump Warranty Coverage?

Home warranties may be optional, but they are almost an essential convenience for avoiding large repair costs and giving your family peace of mind that every appliance and system in your home is protected.

You should look to protect your sump pump if you live in an area with a rainy climate. The additional groundwater results in more wear and tear on your pump. If your home has an older sump pump, then having a replacement plan is always smart.

You can never predict when you’ll need your sump pump to save your house from a costly basement flood.

Are There Limitations?

When it comes to home warranty basement leaks, every provider has a different policy. You can generally expect coverage to not include local flooding from a nearby body of water. Some plans also exclude foundation leaks if you fail to maintain your basement properly. Talk with your agent to see what plan provides you with the right protection.

What Are Some Maintenance Tips?

Some basic maintenance procedures go a long way to prolonging the life of your sump pump.

  • Because power cuts often result in pump failures, have a secondary power source ready if possible.
  • Consider installing a backup sump pump.
  • Use gutters, window wells, and downspouts to prevent overflowing.

Of course, you will eventually need professional assistance. That’s where a home warranty comes in.

Keep Your Sump Pump Protected With a Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty Plan

Looking for septic system home warranty coverage but not sure where to start? Look to one of the nation’s top providers, Liberty Home Guard. Just choose from our affordable and customizable plans, submit a claim at any time, and let us cover you in minutes.

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