Stand Alone Freezer Warranty Coverage

Stand Alone Freezer Warranty Coverage

Not every home has a stand alone freezer, but the homeowners that do have one understand the importance of this appliance. A stand alone freezer is used to store everything from leftovers that will last through winter to food overflow from the holidays. Rather than allowing a breakdown in this appliance to ruin Thanksgiving, invest in home warranty coverage of your stand alone freezer. Coverage of this appliance can be added on to any Liberty Home Guard home warranty plan.  

How your home warranty works

At Liberty Home Guard, you have a choice of 3 major plans --the Systems Guard plan, the Appliance Guard plan, and the Total Home Guard plan. The Total Home Guard plan is Liberty Home Guard’s most comprehensive and most economical plan. A stand alone freezer can be added to any home warranty plan. At Liberty Home Guard, we offer the most optional add-ons to our home warranty plans because we understand how unique each home is. 

With the add-on protection of a stand alone freezer, a Liberty Home Guard home warranty will cover all mechanical components and replacement parts pertaining to the functionality of the unit. This extra coverage comes in handy when the freezer goes suddenly warm and you notice the popsicles have melted. All you have to do is file a claim online through our customer portal or by phone and we will arrange for a technician to diagnose the problem and complete all necessary repairs.

Advantages of Stand Alone Freezer Warranty Coverage

Many home appliances come with a limited time warranty after purchase, but you’ll find that you’re more likely to need repairs and replacement parts many years after you purchased the appliance. A home warranty will cover your appliances regardless of age. Investing in stand alone freezer warranty coverage will be beneficial as this appliance ages.

You will find that not many other home warranty providers offer coverage of this important home appliance. Here at Liberty Home Guard we understand and listen to our customers’ needs. This is why we know that add-on coverage of this appliance is crucial for many homes. Whether you have a well-worn stand alone freezer or a brand new one, consider adding this to your home warranty plan so that when the light goes out, you’ll have a plan and not just some melted ice cream and defrosted ribs on your hands.

Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty

Liberty Home Guard has been rated the #1 Home Warranty Provider by the U.S. News & World Report. We have received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. If you don’t trust these ratings, just look at our customer reviews. We are reliable, easy to use, and offer the highest quality workmanship. 

Here are some advantages to a Liberty Home Guard home warranty:

  • We offer the most optional add-ons in the industry
  • We work only with licensed, vetted technicians
  • All repairs come with a 60-day workmanship guarantee
  • Filing claims is easy with our customer portal 
  • Payment options are flexible
  • Customer service is available 24/7 online or by phone

How to Get a Free Quote for Home Warranty

If you would like to know more about reverse osmosis water filter system coverage, or you are ready to add it to your plan today, contact our Customer Support Team at (866) 225 - 7958. You can also adjust and add to your home warranty plan through the customer portal available on our website. 

Call us to get a quote on this add-on to your home warranty plan today. If you are a first-time customer, we are happy to get you set up with a home warranty plan that works for your home. We are here to help.



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