Water Softener Warranty Coverage

Water Softener Warranty Coverage

Not all water is the same. Water can vary in terms of household use, depending on the materials dissolved within it. Hard water contains traces of calcium, magnesium, and other materials—which can damage your appliances and other essential home systems.

Hard water isn’t ideal for home use, so many households have water softeners to convert hard water to soft water. If your home’s water softener fails for any reason, you may experience some issues:

  • Your clothes break down more quickly when hard water enters your washing machine.
  • Dishes may receive spots and marks when they come out of the dishwasher.
  • Hard water in the shower can irritate your hair and skin.

To protect yourself from these problems, get in touch with a provider for water softener home warranty coverage.

What Do Homeowner Warranty Plans Actually Cover?

What’s your game plan when a home appliance or system suddenly fails from regular use? Chances are, a manufacturer’s warranty will be long expired since they tend to last only a year on average.

Homeowners insurance usually includes damages only from tornadoes, fires, and other related incidents. It typically doesn’t account for wear and tear damage.

Under normal circumstances, you will have to find yourself a certified contractor and pay top dollar for expensive repairs and replacements. But what if you can’t balance the family checkbook for such a cost, and how long will the whole process take? Are you able to use hard water during that time?

A water softener warranty is your solution. For a regular monthly fee, your provider will cover the costs of the repair and even choose a pre-selected contractor for you. The result is a water softener that’s ready to go faster without putting a dent in your wallet.

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What Components of a Water Softener Usually Fail?

A water softener contains multiple moving parts that may become damaged and impact the overall performance of your unit.

  • Single or twin water softener units may become less efficient over time.
  • The well pump that supplies your home with its water may lose function thanks to normal wear and tear.
  • Electrical or mechanical problems can also cause issues for the homeowner.

In all these cases, a home warranty is invaluable to protecting you and your family from extensive appliance failures. Don’t expect DIY repairs for these parts either, as they require professional experience to service.

Finding a reputable contractor that understands your water softener system isn’t easy—add to that the challenge of getting a reasonable price—and it’s clear why home warranty plans are a must-have for today’s homeowners.

What Are My Options for Home Warranties?

Policy options vary by provider. Take Liberty Home Guard as an example. This provider gives you the option of customizing your coverage so that you aren’t paying for features you won’t need.

Protection can be for appliances, systems, or both. Some plans can cost merely a few dollars a month, depending on your preferences. No matter what, a home warranty plan gives your family peace of mind and is ultimately cheaper in the long run, as home systems are always bound to require professional work after a few years.

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