Grinder Pump Warranty Coverage

Grinder Pump Warranty Coverage

Liberty Home Guard supports homeowners across the United States by providing comprehensive plumbing system protection. Our System Guard and Total Home Guard plans cover leaks, stoppages, waste lines, toilets, tubs, and more. For homeowners with less common plumbing system components, we provide additional coverage options. These options include grinder pump coverage and home septic pump warranty coverage.

What Is a Grinder Pump

A grinder pump is similar to a sewer ejector pump. Wastewater from toilets, drains, washing machines, and other plumbing system components flows from the home into the grinder pump’s tank. When the water reaches a certain level, the pump engages. This grinds the contents of the pump so no solids remain. This liquid waste is then channeled to the main sewer or septic tank.

Grinder pumps are often necessary when a home is at a lower level then the municipal sewer line or septic tank. Gravity is usually the agent by which wastewater travels out of a home. If the topography of a home’s location makes this an impossibility, a grinder pump is required to prevent sewage and wastewater from backing up.

Grinder Pump Repair

Grinder pumps don’t require constant maintenance, provided homeowners aren’t taxing the pump by flushing kitty litter, paper towels, diapers, hygiene products, oils, and other objects that should never enter a private or municipal plumbing system.

Grinder pumps can malfunction just like any other piece of equipment, however, and repair doesn’t always come cheap. Because of their specialized nature and sometimes hard-to-reach placement, grinder pump repair can cost several hundred dollars. The expense of a full-on replacement is likely in the thousands.

How to Get Comprehensive Coverage

Fortunately, there’s a way to protect yourself financially in the event of a grinder pump failure. Liberty Home Guard’s warranty coverage can cover some or all of the expense of repairing or replacing your grinder pump if it fails due to normal wear and tear.

Our plans will cover all of the grinder pump’s mechanical components that are necessary for the unit’s continued functionality. We can also help you build a more comprehensive plan that includes septic tank pumping, plumbing fixture coverage, sump pump coverage, and more.

Whether you’re a current homeowner or a prospective buyer, reach out to our team at (866)-613-5329 to learn more about the right plan for you. You can also use our website for a free quote.

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