Floor/Carpet Cleaning Warranty Coverage

Floor/Carpet Cleaning Warranty Coverage

Liberty Home Guard can do more than protect your home systems and appliances. We also support our customers with home services that make it easier for you to maintain a safe and healthy home.

One of our popular services is floor and carpet cleaning. The process is simple. You fill out a claim, and we’ll arrange for a professional cleaning of your home. It’s an easy, convenient way to keep your home in great condition.

Benefits of Floor and Carpet Cleaning

While a mop and vacuum are essential for day-to-day cleaning, the occasional deep clean by a professional is recommended to properly maintain your floors and carpets. Here are the primary benefits.

  • Removal of dust and germs. A carpet is an excellent trap for dust, pollen, pet hair, and other allergens. It can also harbor bacteria and viruses. A thorough cleaning can eliminate these germs and irritants, improving air quality and making for a healthier home.
  • Elimination of odors. What goes up must come down. Dirt, grime, sweat, dust, even aerosolized cooking oil—all wind up on the ground. The accumulation of these substances over time can make for a stale odor.
  • Improved appearance. Of course, a professional floor and carpet cleaning service can make your home look as good as new. Besides removing unsightly stains, a thorough shampooing can keep you carpet soft and plush. Your floors will be polished and glossy.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

It’s best to make carpet cleanings part of your regular home maintenance routine, as opposed to getting around to it once in a long while. It’s recommended that homeowners clean their carpets every 18 months or so, but you may want to do so more often depending on your lifestyle and location. Pet owners, for example could clean their carpets once or twice per year. Likewise for those who live in places with high levels of environmental particulates, such as pollen and sand.

As with cleaning your carpet, floor care and cleaning are important to stay on top of every year or two. With professional care, you’ll get more life out of your hardwood floors.

Liberty Home Guard Coverage

Our coverage can provide two cleanings each year, and you’ll spend less than you would by hiring an independent service. Get a quote or learn more by calling our team at (866)-613-5329.

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