Roof Leak Warranty Coverage

Roof Leak Warranty Coverage

Even a small roof leak can imperil your entire home. Roof damage can get out of hand quickly, making it important to repair problems as soon they appear.

The specialized nature of roof repair means it can be rather costly, but you don’t need to strain your budget to keep dry in your own home. Liberty Home Guard can deliver an affordable home warranty with roof coverage to help you repair a roof leak with speed and efficiency.

What Causes a Roof Leak?

The average home roof has several layers. We see the external shingles, but beneath those are sheets underlayment or roofing membrane. The underlayment sits upon a layer of wood, and beneath that are the rafters, insulation, and sheetrock or drywall.

These different layers of protection serve different purposes, but they all work together to keep the elements from making their way into your house.

Over time, roofing materials deteriorate due to fluctuating temperatures, moisture, ice, sun, wind, insects, and more. When water finds it way past the shingles, it can seep into a tear or seam in the underlayment. It can leak through hardware mountings for rooftop equipment, such as HVAC units or ventilation pipes. It can also drip through gaps where caulking or sealant has dried and cracked.

Once water is beyond the underlayment, it can easily seep through plywood, insulation, and drywall. Those materials are not meant to be waterproof.

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What Are the Consequences of a Roof Leak?

It’s not a good idea to manage a roof leak with an amateur solution. Once a small leak starts, it can further deteriorate your home’s roofing materials and get larger in time. In exceptionally bad cases, it can comprise the integrity of your roof.

Moisture within your walls and ceilings can also facilitate mold growth. Some forms of mold can cause a range of severe health complications. Mold removal is also much more costly than minor roof repair, and it’s much less likely to be covered by a home warranty or homeowner’s insurance policy.

The bottom line: Do not put off repairing a roof leak, no matter how minor.

Does Home Warranty Cover Roof Leaks?

Will a home warranty cover roof leak patching? Not all home warranties provide such coverage, but Liberty Home Guard does. You can add roof leak protection to your policy to ensure necessary roof patching is attended to when necessary. Let’s take a closer look at how the process works.

Once your policy is active, you can submit a claim to request service as soon as you notice a leak in your roof. We maintain a network of licensed, bonded, and insured technicians across the United States, so we’ll take care of finding a qualified professional to repair your roof.

It’s as simple as that. Your roof is patched, and you’ve avoided paying for roof repair out of pocket. And those savings can be substantial. The average cost of roof repair is just shy of $1,000. Depending on the size and location of the leak, that cost can be much higher.

Stay Dry With Liberty Home Guard Roof Leak Warranty Coverage

Home warranty roof coverage with Liberty Home Guard is affordable, transparent, and convenient. It’s hard to overstate the peace of mind you’ll experience in knowing that the roof over your head can be secured at the earliest sign of a leak.

Of course, we can cover more than just your roof. Kitchen appliances, major home systems, electronics, maintenance services—Liberty Home Guard covers it all and more. Call (866)-225-7958 to get started on the right plan for you.

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