Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Warranty Coverage

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Warranty Coverage

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems are becoming increasingly popular in homes. These water filtration systems are able to reduce as much as 99% of contaminants in water. It involves a multi-step process where water is filtered through a semipermeable membrane. This is done by a process called reverse osmosis which in simple terms means pressure is applied to the water forcing it through the membrane.

This system usually doesn’t take up much space in a home, but it’s a complicated home appliance that requires more than DIY repairs. The installation of the system requires a connection between the drain, water storage tank, faucet, and multiple filters. In order to make sure your water is probably filtered and you're getting all the benefits of this filtration system, consider adding this appliance on to your Liberty Home Guard home warranty plan.   

How Your Home Warranty Works

At Liberty Home Guard, you have 3 major plans to choose from -- the Systems Guard plan, the Appliance Guard plan, and the Total Systems Guard plan. We offer reverse osmosis filter system coverage as an add-on to any of these plans. 

You’ll find that Liberty Home Guard offers the most customizable home warranty plans in the industry with the most optional add-ons. Adding your reverse osmosis water filter system to your home warranty coverage can save you from many headaches when it’s time to repair this crucial appliance. 

Optional coverage of this item includes the replacement of all mechanical parts and components necessary for the functionality of the unit. A Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty will also save you the trouble of having to find a technician to repair this home appliance. These water filtration systems are growing in popularity, but finding the right technician for this appliance can be challenging depending on your region.  

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Advantages of Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Warranty Coverage

Reverse osmosis water filter systems are one of those home appliances that you really don’t want to break down because having clean water is so essential. Furthermore, this is not the kind of appliance that you can research on the internet to find an easy fix. It’s a complicated machine, so you’ll want a licensed technician to do all the work.

One of the benefits of the reverse osmosis water filter system in your home is that you no longer have to rely on plastic bottles for your water or other wasteful filters. This filtration system can be a pretty costly appliance in your home. It’s best to be prepared with home warranty coverage when it comes time to repair this system. 

Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty for Water Filtration System

Liberty Home Guard has been rated the #1 Home Warranty Provider by the U.S. News & World Report. We are reliable, easy to use, and offer the highest quality workmanship. Most home warranty providers don’t promise work from a licensed technician. All of our technicians and come vetted by previous customers.

Here are some advantages to a Liberty Home Guard home warranty:

  • We offer the most optional add-ons in the industry
  • We work only with licensed, vetted technicians
  • All repairs come with a 60-day workmanship guarantee
  • Filing claims is easy with our customer portal 
  • Payment options are flexible
  • Customer service is available 24/7 online or by phone

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