Generator Warranty Coverage

Generator Warranty Coverage

A home generator is your first line of defense against a power outage in your community. You depend on its functionality when you need it most. A generator that malfunctions when your power goes out is like getting a flat tire and finding your spare is also out of air.

Generator warranty coverage through Liberty Home Guard can help you ensure your generator is there for you when the lights go out.

Warranty Coverage for Generators

A home generator is an expensive investment. Portable generators are typically the cheapest option, but they provide a limited amount of power and can still cost a couple of thousand dollars. More robust generators are several thousands of dollars, and that’s not including installation costs. All costs considered, a powerful home generator can have a five-figure price tag.

Generally speaking, generator manufacturers provide limited warranty coverage for their products—but “limited” is the operative word. Depending on the brand and model, a generator may have coverage for parts and labor for one or two years. Beyond that, the manufacturer may cover select generator parts, but not labor. After five years, manufacturer-backed coverage is unlikely. That makes the consumer responsible for generator repair and its associated costs.

Extended Warranty for Generators

If your manufacturer’s warranty on your generator has expired, you do have other options for coverage. Liberty Home Guard provides extended warranty coverage for major models and manufacturers. If you’re interested in a broader home warranty, you can include generator coverage as an optional add-on.

Our policy provides coverage for your generator’s engine, alternator, control panel, voltage regulator, and transfer switches. This extensive protection ensures your home will never be without power.

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Benefits of a Generator Home Warranty

Extended warranty coverage provides several important benefits:

  1. Financial Protection: Unexpected repairs or replacements of generator components can be costly. A warranty helps offset these expenses by covering eligible repair and replacement costs, potentially saving homeowners hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

  2. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your generator system is protected against unforeseen failures provides peace of mind, especially during severe weather events or prolonged power outages.

  3. Convenience: With a generator warranty in place, homeowners can easily schedule service appointments and access prompt repairs or replacements without the hassle of searching for qualified technicians or negotiating repair costs.

  4. Long-Term Maintenance: Many generator warranties include provisions for regular maintenance checks, ensuring that the system remains in optimal condition and operates efficiently throughout its lifespan.

  5. Increased Property Value: A transferable generator warranty can enhance the resale value of your home, appealing to potential buyers who value reliability and preparedness.

Finding coverage is simple. You can request a free quote by clicking the link on our website. If you want to talk through your plan with the Liberty Home Guard team, call (866)-613-5329.

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