Pool Warranty Coverage

Pool Warranty Coverage

Your swimming pool is a relaxation, happiness, and leisure source. But like anything, it is a large investment that requires regular maintenance. Over time, your swimming pool will wear down, your liner may require replacing, or an essential pump could quit.

How Are You Protecting Your Pool From the Unknown?

Pool maintenance is an aspect of homeownership you will have to deal with. Basic pool upkeep is simple and easy, such as managing pH balance and cleaning out debris. 

A home warranty with pool coverage keeps your pool protected from the unknown, providing you with the peace of mind you need.

You may be wondering. What does a home pool warranty coverage provide, and what options do you have for protecting your home’s swimming pool?

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How Does Home Warranty Plans Work?

Even with excellent regular maintenance, every homeowner will have to get in touch with a professional contractor for major repairs or replacements of appliances and systems.

The cost and time investment of finding the best repair service whenever an issue comes up is high. And finding a reputable contractor in your area that will deliver high-quality work is another challenge. You won’t be able to use a broken HVAC, refrigerator, or pool for a long time. 

A home warranty is a sensible way to get the protection you need to keep your home covered. For a small fee, a home warranty plan will provide you with a vetted contractor to carry out repairs, replacements, and installations. You’ll get up and running again much more quickly.

Home warranties differ from home insurance, which mainly covers significant damages from events like tornados or house fires. They also differ from manufacturers’ warranties that only cover a single appliance for a limited amount of time.

Common Issues with Home Pools

The first question a pool owner should ask is whether a swimming pool home warranty is even necessary. The reality is that, even with excellent maintenance procedures, every home appliance or system will eventually need professional repairs and replacements.

Pools are no different. Some common issues that impact pool owners include:

  • Dirty filters. If you notice green or murky water, consider changing out the pool filter. This component requires replacement to continue functioning efficiently. Remember to use degreasers as well to clean out body oil or sunscreen particles.
  • Pool liner. It’s not uncommon for a pool liner to pull away at its corners. While there’s a DIY fix involving applying boiling water to the spot, larger peeling problems will call for the assistance of a professional.
  • Vinyl liner. A significant drop in your water level could be attributed to a leaky vinyl liner. If you find this problem in your pool, don’t simply put a piece of duct tape over it, which doesn’t last and isn’t UV-resistant. Get in touch with a contractor for a repair or replacement.
  • O-rings. O-rings fulfill two purposes in home pools: one covers the pool pump, while another goes on the filter. Check both of these periodically for signs of wear and tear. A damaged O-ring can create water leaks in the filter and cause even more expensive damage to your pool equipment.

There are many other types of problems, too, so make sure you have a home systems warranty plan to keep your pool protected.

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